No Space At Home? Turn Your Storage Unit Into A Man Cave

24 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


Many men favor the idea of a "man cave" at home—a place they can decorate to their tastes and spend time either alone or with a few buddies, whether it's watching sports on TV, listening to music or having a beer. If you live in an apartment, condo or a small home, however, you might not have enough space under your roof to dedicate a room to your man cave. Don't give up on your dream—instead, consider renting a storage unit at a local self-storage facility, such as U-Stor-It. Provided that the management knows you'll likely be spending more time at the unit than the average renter and agrees to your intended usage of the space, here are some tips for building a man cave.

Figure Out Some Seating

One of the benefits of converting a storage unit into a man cave is that you can store and use the furniture that you might not want at home. Comfy seating is a must at a man cave, whether it's a reclining chair or a couple sofas. Think, too, about an ottoman if you have one. If not, you don't necessarily have to buy one. Instead, just use a couple boxes of books that you'd like to store in the unit.

Make Entertainment A Priority

You and your buddies need something to do in the man cave, so think about what attractions you'd like to set up. It could be a pool table, big-screen TV or classic arcade game, depending on your tastes. The latter two items will require that your storage unit has electrical outlets, so make sure of this fact when you sign the rental agreement. A dart board is another ideal attraction that you can enjoy using in the man cave.

Consider Some Refreshments

No man cave is complete without some refreshments. Instead of packing drinks and snacks to take to the unit each time you and your friends visit, consider a small bar-sized fridge. It can hold drinks such as bottled water, beer and soft drinks, as well as snacks that have a relatively long shelf life, such as crackers, chips and beef jerky.

Don't Forget Lighting

During the day, you can roll up the door of the unit and enjoy the natural light, but if you're visiting the storage facility in the evening, you'll need a source of light. Some storage units have overhead lights, but if yours does not, make sure that you have a couple floor lamps that you can plug in.