Making A Mini-Split AC Work In A Big House

19 May 2016
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Choosing an AC system for your house is a decision that you have to live with for a long period of time. An inefficient system will lead to higher AC costs, but you also want something that will cool your house down appropriately when you want it to. In some cases, a mini split system will be just what you need, but it is not the right system for every home. 

What Is a Mini-Split AC unit?

In order to understand what a mini-split AC system is, you have to first understand how a central-air system works. In the case of central air, you will have a condenser unit located on the outside of your house and have a centrally located evaporator unit on the inside. Your system then pushes cool air through ducts to every room. A mini-split system will have one condenser unit on the outside of your house and up to four evaporator units on the inside of your house. The word "split" comes from the fact that you will not have a condenser and evaporator in one unit as is the case with a window unit. The "mini" comes from the fact that you will have smaller condenser units. 

The Advantages of a Mini-Split System

One of the main advantages of a mini-split system is that you don't have ducts that could decrease the efficiency of your cooling. Leaky ducts can decrease your overall system efficiency by up to 40%. With a mini-split system, your evaporator unit pumps cool air directly in the rooms that need cooling. This also means that you don't have to cool every room in your house. Instead, you can cool just the rooms that need cooling. Because each unit will have its own thermostat, you can shut the AC off to rooms that are not in use. This will keep your electricity use down. If you live in a big house, but you don't use every room all the time or you have some rooms that really don't need cooling, you can save money on operating costs by using a mini-split system. 

If you have a large house with a large family, then only cooling four select rooms may mean that some people are not as comfortable as others. Thus, you should save a mini-split system for a small house or if you live in a big house, only in the situations described above. Still, if it works for you, it is a good option. 

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