Cleaning Services You Should Know About For Your Move

30 January 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


When you begin the moving process, you may have a specific moving company in mind, but what you may not have in mind is a cleaning service. It may surprise you to find out that many cleaning services offer packing and cleaning as bundled options for people planning a move. These services can be basic or they can include many different options depending on your needs. Here are a few that you should consider to make your move easier.

Bundles with Packaging Supplies

One of the expenses you may have to deal with during your move are packaging supplies. These supplies can consist of the basic boxes and tape, but there are other packaging supplies as well. These include mattress covers and rug protectors as well. The added bonus of using a cleaning service for this type of bundle is the ability to have the mattress and rugs cleaned before being packed instead of just being grabbed and packed up for the move like a traditional moving company would do.  You can opt for different bundles depending on your home size and needs.

Appliance Cleaning and Packaging

You may decide to take your appliances with you. This is especially true if you are moving into a purchased home that has no appliances included rather than a rental. The cleaning service will clean your appliances thoroughly and package them safely. This includes deep cleaning refrigerators, defrosting freezers, cleaning and sanitizing stoves and ovens, and packaging coils so they will not be damaged during the move. This includes cleaning the area of the home that the appliances are currently in and making sure there is no debris left behind.

Bathroom and Tile Cleaning

One of the worst parts of moving and cleaning is the bathroom and tile portion. There can be built-up debris, dirt, and mold that can cause several issues and may void any deposit you have on the home or rental. The cleaning company can professionally clean the bathroom and tile in the home and make sure to pack up any bathroom items carefully. This may require special packaging supplies to prevent leaking during transport. You can discuss this with the cleaning service at the time of your consultation.

These are only a few of the cleaning and packing services that are available. The key point is to make sure you check in with cleaning companies before you go with the first packing option you find from a moving company. Keep in mind as well, most moving companies may offer packing, but they may not offer cleaning services as well. This option gives you both.