Pinball Machine Restoration 101: 3 Reasons LED Bulbs Are Better

21 April 2017
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Restoring pinball machines is a fun hobby. It's also a nice career, especially for those that operate arcades. Whether for fun or work, one thing you'll need to address is pinball lighting. Pinball machines have several light bulbs that make the machine bright and flashy. In the past, traditional incandescent light bulbs were used. However, in today's world LED light bulbs are making a statement. Aside from being bright and colorful, LED light bulbs offer many benefits when used in pinball machines.

So why are LED bulbs better? Here are three good reasons:

1. Less Machine Strain

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of LED bulbs is that they do not put as much strain on pinball machines. Unlike traditional bulbs, LED bulbs do not heat up. This is extremely beneficial, as the machine is less likely to experience short circuits or overloading from hot temperatures.

Less heat is also good for the structure of the machine. Since bulbs are used to light up the plastic bumpers on the machine, you might experience fading or warping with traditional bulbs. Luckily, LED bulbs do not heat up enough to cause any fading, warping, or melting.

2. Easy Installation

Replacing traditional bulbs with LED bulbs might sound difficult or complex, but it isn't. In fact, it's very easy to install LED lighting in a pinball machine. You don't need any special tools or electrical knowledge. There's no need to upgrade anything inside the machine, either. All you do is replace the incandescent bulb with the LED one – that's it.

3. Affordable

Finally, LED bulbs are more affordable than you think. While they are initially more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they're much more affordable in the end. This is because LED bulbs have a longer lifespan, which means you won't need to replace them as often.

In addition, LED bulbs use less energy and electricity. This is another great benefit, as it means you'll save on your monthly utility bills. While you might not notice much savings for a single machine, you could save a significant amount if you have multiple machines. This alone makes LED bulbs a great investment for those that run arcades with several pinball machines.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to consider using LED lighting in your pinball machines. So whether you repair or restore pinball machines, definitely consider adding LED bulbs to your kit.

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