Family Camping Trip – How To Keep From Getting Wet

22 April 2017
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Camping is a good activity for spending time with your family because you can build lasting memories. You are doing more than just sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows. Activities may include card and board games, fishing, hiking, water sports, cooking together, playing sports, storytelling and orienteering. However, bad weather can occur at any time. Read on to find out the things you should never forget when going on a camping trip.

Rain Gear

It is common to only think of beautiful weather and escaping from reality. However, if you go camping enough, then it is bound to rain. You must prepare for rainy weather by bringing along rain gear. If you are going to be on the go while camping, then you must dress for the weather.

You should bring a rain coat, rain boots, umbrella and leggings for women. Leggings are a good choice for wearing on a rainy day because they are made from porous material. Porous material dries quicker.

If you are going to be hiking or doing other activities, then you should wear a lightweight foldable jacket. A lightweight rain coat allows you to wear layers, which means you can remove clothing at any time.

You can choose from a wide variety of rain boots on the market. Rain boots are easier to slip on and off than laced athletic shoes when going in and out your tent. This also means you don't have to worry about getting your boots dirty or wet on the muddy trails.


You can only hide for so long in your car or tent from the rain. It is going to come a time when you need food and water. You could really benefit from bringing alone a tarp. A tarp can protect you from the rain and sun. It gives you shelter so that you can cook your food while waiting out the weather.

Trash Bags

Trash bags have a variety of uses when camping. You can use them for more than just for throwing away trash. If an unexpected downpour occurs, then your clothes and other items can get wet. It helps to put a set of clothing in a compact trash bag in case your things get wet.

It helps to plan your trip from the things you need to bring to what you want to do. When you plan, family trips tend to come out better.

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