Staying Hydrated & Dodging Pollution—Signs Your Water System Is in Need of Repair

1 May 2017
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Most communities in the United States take the availability of clean running water for granted. Though there have been some high profile news stories in recent years about older and compromised systems, most people still count on their faucet running clean and clear when they go to it. If that ever changes, you may find yourself wishing you'd been more vigilant.

That vigilance is possible if you keep an eye out for some of the warning signs listed below. Watching for these signs can help you be aware of when you need water system repair. 

Delayed Reaction

When you turn on your faucet, the expectation is that the flow of water will begin immediately. Indeed, pressurized systems should be strong enough that activating the handle will release a torrent that's only just being held back by the stopper in your faucet's mechanism.

If you ever find yourself dealing with a delayed response time, it's a sign of a problem somewhere in your system. Small punctures which lead to depressurization can become big failures in a hurry, so any sign of a sluggish faucet should be enough reason for you to seek an immediate repair.

Discolored Water

In a shower or a sink, you may not immediately notice slight changes in the color of your water. In a clear glass those changes may appear more easily, but many people don't take the time to truly inspect their water before they make use of it.

You should be sure to regularly check the color of your water to make sure that you don't notice any unusual tints. This can be a sign of an accumulation of dirt, metal, or other contaminants, and as with the pressure drop, might indicate that you have a structural failure which needs to be immediately addressed.

Excessive Residue

Most domestic water treatment plants do a great job filtering out pollutants, heavy metals, and other contaminants which may leave reside stains. Hard water buildup or discoloration from water flow should be accordingly rare, and a sink or basin which is dried shouldn't leave any signs behind that water has run over it. If you don't have that luxury and you do notice discoloration or residue buildup, be sure to have your system inspected to verify that it hasn't been unfortunately infiltrated.

Don't take your water system for granted—contact local services that provide water system repair now versus later.