Education Fads for Adult Learning: What Doesn't Work Anymore

2 May 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Kids' education tools come and go, and so do the tools used to teach adults. If you want to go back to school to get a better degree in business, you should avoid the education fads. Education fads are the tools and/or materials that are hyped and used for a short time to sell courses and classes, or the expectation that you can get an education some other way. Here are just some of the fads that are now truly passe according to ed fads critics.


Kids' education apps are a dime a dozen. Most of them all teach the same thing, but in a slightly different way. The same holds true for the apps that were developed for continuing adult education. You may get the first course in app mode for free, but additional courses toward your certificate or degree would cost you. Eventually, you would have to load down your phone or tablet with so many apps and spend so much money that you would almost have to buy more devices or upgrade your gigs just to finish what you started. What was meant to be quick and convenient quickly became bothersome and old.

Free Courses Online

Sure, the idea sounds great, and when compared to taking a course through a business or technical college, the cost is unbeatable. However, you just are not getting the same quality education. At best, the free online courses would give you just a bit more than the basics. When it comes time to apply what you learned, you will likely find that you really have not learned much at all. The adage, "you get what you paid for," holds true in education as well.

On-the-Job Training

Any company that still does on-the-job training is behind the times. Why? Because graduates of almost every program are coming out of college fully prepared to work a job with minimal on-the-job training. If you think you can walk into any business with little to no education and just get what you need "on the job," think again. Another candidate who just finished a certificate has a better chance than you, and someone with a degree has a way better chance that the person with just the certificate. Bigger fish in the pond, my friend.

If you really want to advance your career, talk to a life coach or an education counselor. These people know how to create a feasible way to more education that is not a fad and will completely work for you. If you are really stuck, talk to a Human Resources specialist, who might have some ideas that can help.