Reasons For Hiring A Commercial Shipping Company Over A Standard Shipper

5 May 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are going to ship products, you probably think that your only option is to ship it through one of the four major shippers, one of which is the U.S. post office. Sure, you could do that, but then you are limited by the products and services they have. Why not hire a commercial shipping company that is not one of these major shippers? The idea may strike you as odd, but the fact is that you may do much better with this type of company than you realize. Here is why.

Smaller Commercial Shippers Provide Custom Packaging

Smaller commercial shipping companies are able to provide you with custom packaging solutions. Need a box shaped like a star? How about a circle? There is no way you would ever find these types of boxes or packaging with one of the major shippers because they only use squares and rectangles. If you need really big shipping boxes, you will not find that anywhere else either. Only smaller commercial shippers are able to customize your packaging to fit your needs.

Smaller Commercial Shippers Manage ALL the Packaging and Boxing

If your production plant has no room or equipment for packaging and boxing products, no problem. Small commercial shippers act as an extension of your business by picking up and/or receiving goods from your plant, boxing them up, sealing them with packaging tape, printing and adhering shipping labels, etc. Have you ever seen the post office do that? No, because the post office will only accept packages that are completely ready to go. The post office will even charge you for the tape to seal a box if you have not done that yourself! If you are going to pay for such services, why not have the small commercial shipper do the entire job so you can track all of your inventory and know that every product you ship through that company is safely and properly packaged?

Smaller Commercial Shippers Come to YOU

How many times have you heard about a major shipper sending a representative to another company to see what that company's shipping needs are? Probably none and never. A smaller commercial shipper wants you as a client, and they want to establish a long-standing business partnership. Ergo, they'll send a representative to see what you need in terms of shipping, packaging, storage, shipping holds, overseas shipping (if applicable), and shipping supplies. That level of customer service does not exist with the rest of the major shippers.