How Many Washing Machines Do I Need For A Laundromat?

10 September 2019
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When setting up a laundromat, you may wonder how many washing machines you'll need. The first factor would of course be how many customers you expect to use your washing machines at a given moment. After all, if your customers can't find an unoccupied washing machine, they might go elsewhere. However, there are several other issues to also worry about, such as potential downtime.

Understanding the Market

To determine how many washing machines you'll need, consider the area you're starting your business in and the demand for washing machines. Areas that most often need commercial washing machines are those that have a large number of apartments. Visit the local laundromats to see if there are a lot of washing machines that are unoccupied. 

Commercial washing machines are designed to be used everyday. Residential washing machines may be used several times a week, but may not be used longer than a few hours on any given day. Because of the pressure placed on commercial washing machines, some will break down and you will need a process in place to inform customers about washing machines that are out of order. The more washing machines you have, the less likely you have to worry about customers running out of machines to use. 

The Size of the Washing Machine

The size of your washing machines is an important factor to consider. A larger washing machine will allow customers to avoid taking up multiple machines, but the larger washers will also take up more space. If you mix smaller washing machines with larger ones, you can accommodate each type of customer.

Purchasing an Existing Laundromat

If you're not sure how many washing machines you'll need, one option is to purchase an existing laundromat. Then, you'll already have a laundromat filled with washing machines. However, by purchasing an existing laundromat, you may have to renovate it. Also, when you construct a new laundromat, you'll be able to purchase new washing machines. While this might seem like a greater expense, newer washing machines are more efficient and less prone to breaking down. If you purchase a laundromat filled with used washing machines, you won't receive this benefit. 

Consider Overall Costs

When you are purchasing washing machines, some of the most expensive parts of this are the hook-up fees and various other fees. Make sure that you know the full expense of each washing machine before you determine how many you would like to use.

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