Does Your Company Support A Large Community Of Seniors? 3 Benefits Of Using Dementia-Friendly Business Accreditation Services

23 April 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


The rising senior population has led to more companies needing to focus on the needs of older adults. Your company may have a large customer base that is made up mostly of seniors, and serving an older community also means that many of your current employees may also be caregivers. Dementia awareness is essential today, and you will find that there are certain strategies that your company can implement to make things easier for seniors and their families. If your company wants to improve its ability to serve seniors, consider these three benefits of seeking dementia-friendly business accreditation services.

Provide Higher Levels of Customer Care

Customer satisfaction drives your business, and every person who visits your facility or uses the company's services should feel safe and respected. An accreditation service can help your company to train the staff on how to address concerns when they are serving someone with dementia. For instance, customer service representatives can learn how to recognize the signs of when they may be speaking to someone with dementia so that they can adjust their communication style. Your business can also include dementia-friendly signs and building designs to serve some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

Customers are not the only people impacted by dementia. Many members of your team may also be family caregivers who need to take care of senior family members with cognitive challenges. Sadly, some family caregivers are forced to leave their jobs when they are not provided with the right types of support. Seeking dementia-friendly business certification services puts you in touch with professional support that helps your management team find ways to help retain employees who are in a caregiving role. Strategies such as offering flex time and emotional support help your company save on recruitment and training costs. Employees who are trained to work with people with dementia are also less likely to become frustrated in their positions, which can reduce the turnover rate.

Increase the Company's Standing in the Community

The social benefits of making your company dementia-friendly are also important to note. Once your company completes the certification process, you may be eligible to display a sign or certificate in a prominent place that puts your customers at ease from the moment that they walk into the building. As word spreads among the senior community that your company is dementia-friendly, you can expect to see more people become new customers that help your business grow.