3 Different Types of Pallet-Racking Systems You Can Use in Your New Warehouse

12 June 2020
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If you are getting ready to set-up a new warehouse, you need to make sure you start with the right pallet system. Not all pallet systems are the same, nor do they serve the same needs, which is why it is important to understand the different options available that you can use in your new warehouse.

#1: Drive-In Style Pallet Racks

If you have a lot of inventory to store, you may want to consider a drive-in style pallet racking system. This type of system is made to optimize space and provide you with the greatest amount of storage possible.

With this type of system, as pallets are unloaded at your warehouse, they can be loaded onto the pallet on one side, and when that pallet needs to move, it can be pulled from the other side of the rack.

This type of system is great for a warehouse where you quickly move products in and out. It is designed to work well with systems where speed is essential, and you are moving lots of products with the same SKU number.

#2: Teardrop Style Pallet Racks

Another type of pallet racking system you can use is a teardrop pallet racking system. This is one of the most traditional forms of pallet rack systems on the market. The system is made from a material that has little "teardrops" that allow you to move the level of the shelving. The slots that hold the shelving and the pallets on the upright beams look like teardrops.

This style is popular because it involves a closed-tube upright construction system that is strong. This type of system can withstand being sideswiped or hit with a pallet moving machine, and it will not fall.

Even better, as the teardrop system is so popular, most items from different manufacturer's teardrop systems will work with each other, allowing you to mix and match teardrop pallet system elements from different manufacturers if necessary.

#3: Double-Deep Pallet Racks

Another type of pallet racking system is the double-deep system. With this system, you have wider aisles, but you also have wider pallet racks. The pallet racks are designed to allow two pallets to be stored, one in front of another.

This works well if you have lots of the same items to store in one area. For example, you can store the same product double-deep across one level of shelving on the pallet rack.

If you are looking to build a new warehouse, think about how you plan to use the warehouse. A drive-in system works well if you have a limited amount of product you need to move in and out quickly. A double-deep system works best if you have a lot of the same items to store. A teardrop system works well for just about any warehouse storage needs and provides you with great versatility when it comes to parts and construction.