Choose One Of These Tumbler Types To Get Personalized

18 September 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


A website that allows you to personalize tumblers and mugs can give you lots of fun gift ideas for a wide range of occasions. Personalized items of this nature work well for anniversary, housewarming, and retirement gifts, among others. While you'll want to put some thought into what message you add to a tumbler, it's also important to consider the different types of tumblers that are available. While the products can vary a little based on the website you're using, you shouldn't be surprised to find the following three options available to personalize.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tumblers are a popular choice for many people. Perhaps the most appealing reason to consider a stainless steel product is that it's virtually indestructible; there's really no way for the user to damage the tumbler during regular use. Stainless steel tumblers also offer a sleek and modern look, which may be appealing for some people. You'll often find different appearances among the stainless steel style. For example, you may have to choose between a brushed finish and a shiny one. Either look is often popular among business professionals, who may favor carrying personalized drinkware around the office but don't want it to have a rowdy appearance.


For a look that is completely different, you might wish to consider personalizing a clear tumbler. There are some minor visual similarities between this type of tumbler and the plastic cup that you might get upon ordering a cold drink at your local coffee shop. The big difference is that a clear plastic tumbler is thicker, which makes it durable and unlikely to sustain damage. There are many different ways that you can personalize a clear product. A colorful design can work well against the clear backdrop, but another option is something understated — for example, a white or gray design may look as though the words are etched into the plastic, rather than printed.

Faux Leather

Another option to consider is to look for a tumbler that has a faux leather wrap around it. While the design of this style can vary, this tumbler itself is often made of stainless steel. However, instead of the stainless steel being visible on the exterior of the drinkware, it's wrapped in faux leather. You can commonly get this leather in a wide range of colors, which results in a product with visual impact. If you're looking for hot pink, neon, or another hue, you can likely find it.

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