Ways Homeowners Can Use COB Strip Lights Around The House

30 April 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


COB strip lights are unique in that they create a continuous stream of light. That's an amazing feature that would work great when used in the following ways. 

Underneath Desks

If there's a desk at home that you use for work and pleasure, you can customize it visually in a lot of ways. COB strip light kits are really helpful when used with desks because they can be set up underneath.

Then the bottom of your desk will have a unique glow that creates a more pleasant work atmosphere that you'll want to be around more. These strip lights typically have adhesive solutions that make it easy to set them up underneath desks. You just have to find an optimal placement. If you keep things below your desk like office supplies, then having extra light around this area will help too. 

Underneath Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets in the kitchen are used a lot probably in your home. However, they may have a standard or dated design. You don't have to let them stay this way when you place COB strip lights underneath them. 

Like office desks, your cabinets will have a unique glow underneath and that can help in several ways. For one, your kitchen will be more unique at night. You can also see better in the kitchen at night without having to turn the main lights on. There are multiple lengths that COB strip lights come in too, which makes it easy to fit them on your cabinets regardless of their dimensions. 

Ceiling Border in the Bedroom 

You may spend a lot of your time in the bedroom. If you want to make this a more inviting space, especially at night, then you can use COB strip lights to border the ceiling in the bedroom. Then your bedroom will be transformed into a peaceful oasis that you can surround yourself in throughout the day.

COB strip lights come in a bunch of different colors so if your bedroom already has a color theme, you can choose strip lights that match it perfectly. Then your entire bedroom will have a color theme that makes sense.

COB strip lights are one of the more popular types of lights that homeowners decide to put in their homes. There are a lot of great applications for them. You just need to think about spaces in your home that make the most sense for their application.