4 Indications A Business Is Struggling With Leadership

31 March 2022
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Running a business calls for a good deal of leadership. However, not all operations are achieving the levels of leadership they require. Business leadership development consulting firms often look for these four indications an organization is struggling to provide direction.

Overlapping Domains

Much of the value of leadership boils down to the simple fact someone has to make decisions final. When two or more leaders in an operation cover overlapping domains, though, it can be hard for people under them to get straight answers about what to do next. Leadership development consulting teams encourage companies to define roles and make sure every problem will land at the desk of one decision-maker.

Top-Only Approach

Within an organization, there are many forms of leadership. Competent organizations rarely display leadership only from the top. For example, a CTO needs IT department heads who can exercise leadership in their daily activities. If everyone always has to come to the CTO for decisions, the process is inefficient and people will be unhappy.

Business leadership development consulting processes focus on how organizations can convey direction from the top to folks further down the chart. Mid-level leaders need to be able to act within a framework that empowers decision-making.

Ideally, the exercise of mid-level leadership helps firms identify future leaders. As people retire, go up the ladders, or move on, the company can then use its established knowledge of team members' qualities to promote from within.

Struggling to Integrate Leaders

Especially when a company sees leadership changes, there will be some difficulty as people acclimate to new roles. However, a firm that has processes in place should be able to teach new leaders their roles. Likewise, they should be able to move folks into the ranks and see rapid integration. If each new leader is taking months to settle in, there may be a wider problem.


Turnover is a fact of leadership, and it's often a good sign if the turnover involves people moving to other companies to take higher roles. However, leadership turnover should not constantly grind on a company's ability to replace people.

If you're seeing endless turnover in leadership positions, something may be wrong. Leaders might not have enough support or direction. They may be carrying too much of the load, especially in a growing business. Leadership development consulting professionals can look at structures and processes to identify where and why your team might be struggling.