Need Wireless Printing? Choose An Office Black And White Production Copier

25 May 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you need an easier way to send and print documents from your smartphone, tablet, or another device, you should look into an office black and white production copier. Traditional copiers allow you to print documents directly from a source, such as from your computer or laptop. However, the copiers may not have built-in WiFi capabilities. Learn more about office black and white copiers and how you can use them to send and print your documents without the use of traditional WiFi below.

Do Office Black and White Production Copiers Come With WiFi?

If you need to scan and print multiple documents from your smartphone throughout the day, you need a reliable WiFi connection to do so. If your current copier doesn't allow you to connect your phone or another smart device directly to it, you may send your documents to your email or cloud storage, then use it to print off what you need. Office black and white production copiers come with special features that make your daily tasks easier, including mobile-ready WiFi.

Mobile ready WiFi is similar to traditional WiFi in several ways. Both types of wireless connections allow you to communicate with different machines in your office from a single access point, or AP. But unlike traditional WiFi, mobile-ready WiFi doesn't rely on an Internet modem or router to work. Mobile ready WiFi uses equipment such as an office black and white production copier as its main access point. 

You can connect the mobile-ready WiFi in your copier to any devices you own, including smartphones and laptops. The connection allows you to access, send, and print documents from your email account or device's storage. You can even use a copier to fax documents from your phone to your customers. 

How Do You Order Your Copier?

First, contact an office supply and equipment company online. A company will want to know the following things about the copier you need to purchase, including its:

  • value
  • type
  • size

The information above helps you select a copier that fits your budget and the size of your office. For example, if your office is small or lacks office space, choose a compact copier for your needs. Also, invest in a copier that will fit your current spending budget. You can always upgrade your copier as your company grows. 

Finally, select a copier that comes with instructions on how to set up and use mobile-ready WiFi. You want to be able to use your copier's WiFi features immediately after your order arrives.

For more details about office black and white production copiers, contact a supplier today.