What Is Included In A White Glove Moving Service Session

28 March 2023
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you need to move your home's furnishings to a new location, you have likely contemplated hiring a moving company to handle the transport of your belongings. Many people have heard of "white glove" moving companies, but are not completely sure about what amenities they provide. Here are some of the benefits obtained if you decide to hire a white glove moving service to handle your move for you. 

Each Item Is Handled With Care

When you hire a white glove service to perform a move, you can rest easy in knowing that each and every one of your items is handled with the utmost care. White glove service workers go above and beyond in providing attention to detail when it comes to picking up, transporting, and placing items in your new home. Trucks are equipped with straps, cubbyholes, or hooks to keep precious items away from others so there is no worry about having them scraped or scuffed while they are in transit. Workers are assigned to particular items and ensure they are handled gently and positioned exactly where you wish upon their arrival. This extra attention means that high-end items, such as electronics, antiques, or machinery are moved slowly and carefully to ensure they do not become damaged in any way.

Added Convenience With Set Up

If you do not have the time to place each of your belongings in your new home on your own, a white glove moving company is available to handle the work for you. Simply provide the service with the desired locations you would like your belongings to rest and workers will set up the items according to your specifications. This includes the assembly of furniture if it needs to be unassembled to fit inside a moving truck. This convenience allows you to spend your time on other tasks during your move.

Professionalism Throughout The Move

A white glove moving service exudes professionalism from the moment workers arrive at your old home until they bring your belongings to your new one. Top-notch service is provided throughout the process. This is a benefit for those who worry about moving staff jamming their items too close together in a moving truck or tossing boxes when there is a potential for damage to the items within. Many white glove moving services provide workers in full uniform to help you keep track of each person's whereabouts if you have a particular need during their assistance.