No Space At Home? Turn Your Storage Unit Into A Man Cave

24 August 2016
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Many men favor the idea of a "man cave" at home—a place they can decorate to their tastes and spend time either alone or with a few buddies, whether it's watching sports on TV, listening to music or having a beer. If you live in an apartment, condo or a small home, however, you might not have enough space under your roof to dedicate a room to your man cave. Don't give up on your dream—instead, consider renting a storage unit at a local self-storage facility, such as U-Stor-It. Read More 

Tips For Preventing The Movement Of Items In Your Rented Box Truck

18 August 2016
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Renting a box truck for your upcoming move will save you the cost of hiring a moving crew and, with the help of a few friends with strong arms, you'll be able to fill the back of the truck a few times and transport your possessions from one home to another. During the loading process, it's important to take care to prevent the movement of the items in the rear of the truck — especially if you haven't previously driven a box truck, because your stopping and starting could be a little abrupt as you get used to being behind the wheel. Read More 

3 Unique Pieces Of Office Furniture To Add To Your Work Office

23 June 2016
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While there are several pieces of office furniture that you can and should purchase for your work office, there are also some more unique pieces that you can get as well. These unique pieces have a lot to offer you and can have a variety of purposes. This article will discuss 3 unique pieces of office furniture to add to your work office.  A Treadmill Desk  A treadmill desk is a treadmill that comes with a desk attached to the top of it. Read More 

Making A Mini-Split AC Work In A Big House

19 May 2016
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Choosing an AC system for your house is a decision that you have to live with for a long period of time. An inefficient system will lead to higher AC costs, but you also want something that will cool your house down appropriately when you want it to. In some cases, a mini split system will be just what you need, but it is not the right system for every home. Read More